Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and First Year of Selling My Designs

It took a lot of confidence building before I actually put my designs out for people to see and purchase.
I knew they were pretty, but would anyone else think so too?  I found out!!! Yes they do! And, I had a great successful beginning to my 2009 showing and selling.

First the earrings were simple and then I started doing new and different things!  

Next  I began playing with gemstone chunks and ribbons to design wearable fashion pieces that would work with the Fall 09 clothing designs...many new ideas sprung forth

These pretty faceted gemstones were just natural and lovely and people really enjoyed wearing them with sweaters and business attire........or jeans!  I almost always sold the one I wanted to wear that day.........when a person would ask about it.

Then I began showing my headbands and fascinators at the various Holiday Art and Craft Bazaars around Tarrant County...These proved to be more popular than I would have dreamed!

The more simple ones were loved by just everyone....due to the Hollywood set wearing them in People Magazine etc. and the more ornate ones with the handmade roses that I designed are now in demand for parties and events.  Each with a Vintage accent piece, they are in demand and have had a lot of fun working with my admirers to give them the glamour that they want.

As Christmas and the Holiday approached, I participated in a few small shows in downtown Fort Worth and discovered that I have new professional clients.  I discovered that pieces like these (just above and right) were loved by professionals who wanted to spruce up a jacket with a little style.

And then the last show that I did in Sundance Square, the show organizer told me that she thought an emphasis on silver might be a good idea. So as a result, I created my Vintage Silver group and they have been great.

As 2009 has come to an end, my wish for all of us is a better world, better US economic conditions, appreciation of each other and just more Love for all.  I hope that you will enjoy my blog and update of my creativity going forward into 2010.  I will be doing more things in my sparetime from my real job of real estate.

You can always contact me at wantzit@hotmail .com or at (my real estate email).

Fort Worth is a great place to live..............if you need information about Fort Worth...just let me know!

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  1. really beautiful and I love your pictures

    Happy New Year


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