Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Made a New Banner for my Etsy Shop

I am a creator..........when my real estate business has worn me out for the day........I create!
My mind rests and I get some immediate gratification...that is a win win! See what you think!
I have done a little with beads and chains this week.........but I have mostly worked on Real Estate...that blog is www.daahomes.blogspot.com
I hope that you will follow both the jewelry and the real estate. They are both jewels of a kind!
Off to finish the day.......Thanks for following me!:)
This is for www.wantzit.etsy.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The business of doing business is not easy for the small business. It takes lots of time, imagination, and thought to do it well. I don't want to be pushy or sound like a "broken record, but it is my job to somehow continue to keep my name in front of my public. I have most recently been "tweeting" and updating my Facebook, and My Space for developing a networking system. I hope that those are worthy ways of not being so much "in someone's Space" whiletrying to keep them in "my space(s)".
This Turquois Cuff is at http://www.wantzit.etsy.com/

My REAL ESTATE LISTINGS CAN BE SEEN AT http://www.diannearnette.com/
My real estate busines has some organizational ways that it is marketed.
First and foremost, to other agents all across the local areas, and then also across the Nation.
Locally the MLS and my Board of Realtors memberships keeps my listings showing to other
agents so that they can tell their clients about those listings. This is a professional to professional system and it is really good. In fact, if a homeowner wants to sell a home, it will sell much quicker than any other way and this can be proven statistically. In addition, it will sell for more money to the seller when sold this way. Lots of homeowners believe they will "pocket" the professional fees and save money...that is not correct according to the stats. FSBOs as they are known, sell for less, and the seller makes less. This is also true for Minimal service agencies who list for the owner at a flat fee. 90% of those either do not sell at all or they finally list with an agent who offers all services for the fees charged.
It has a mix of Vintage pieces and seed beading designs and it is hanging on chain with multiple chain accents to give it the look of...well something that you want to see again and continue looking at.
Now....my challenge of how to market my jewelry is much more puzzleing to me.

These Earrings are Peruvian turquois ovals set into sterling silver twisted wires. They are very neat.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Entering Jurored Art Shows is Scarey!

With creative urges sometimes taking over my life, I yearn to see what others think of my artwork. I do things that range from just putting some very nice stones and metals together to the WoW pieces...that can only be described as "You better not think you are Shy" pieces.
Those are the pieces that I find interesting to work on...as my art profs all said, the art is in the creative process, and not necessarily the result. But, people seem to like my results. So, with the encouragement of a fellow artist, I entered a show in New Orleans. I didn't know how long until I would hear whether they liked my "stuff" ...but, before the end of the day, I got an email telling me that all my things were nice, but my Art Pieces, "blew them away"! Wow...were they talking to me?
So...peruse my etsy shop and see what you think. I am considering the show, but the best part is knowing that I can if I want to!