Sunday, January 31, 2010

That Thing is Legendary!

The week in Fort Worth is the end of the world famous Stockshow and Rodeo.  Just the name, Will Rogers Colliseum, conjures us images of cowboys, cows, horses, and of course little buckaroos. My creative mind, always at work decided to show you a few of my favorite cowboy items from around the country that Etsy artisans offer.  Although here in Fort Worth, Where the West Begins", we think we are the only true cowboys, certainly, the other parts of  cowboy US of A, deserve a look too.

This little cowgirl bow would be a cute look to get a future Dale Evans dressed in her cowgirl finery.

ZombettyBows  on shows a lot of these cuties.
And who could resist this little cowgirl dress...............from abbysatticsatx on etsy.

From my own Etsy Shop I have several Contemporary pieces that I would wear to a Rodeo with my boot, jeans, and other Cowboy accessories...........I have always like putting the unexpected and turquois are some of my favs..My things are at  and I love visitors who "heart me".....Now back to my other Cowboy finds.

When I saw this art.......I just loved it because I did a charcoal drawing of some boots one I love this idea... This is done by JKDooleyArt,
again from and this artist is from Mesa, Arizona.  Take a look at the page to see more wonderful artwork.

Gowing up in Texas, I had many of these handtooled belts before they were the rage... I love them just as much now and I did when I was a kid.  What boyscout or girl scout has not gotten a leather tooling set at some point and tried their hand....Well this artist is is where you can see the work..........and this is, by the way from New York...
Do They have Cowboys there?.............Doesn't matter, this is great!

To finish up today's sputterings....I must say that there are all kinds of cowboys in all states....and sometimes they are just fans............take a lookRockabillyPunkBaby  on Etsy offers this look and lots of others too.

Well, maybe next year for our Dallas Cowboys.
Until then, Shop Handmade!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Mentioned that Etsy TeamFort Worth is Talented...Take a Look

These cute baby slippers from from Etsy FortWorth team memember sweet

and the etsy shop is very nice...lots to see there

FitzySparrow does these beautiful and fun jewelry designs...
The fun thing is that artist may use the same materieals, but the styles are always different.
Artist are always encouragers and share techniques and ideas.......but their work is always different.

Blueskysunburn is the artist who does these original and colorful paintings.
Her things are always full of little details that make the textural feeling of her work so orignal........Check out BlueSkySunburn on etsy.

Knittyknittybangbang makes fabulous knitted items...lots of pretty yarns and can they knit!  They knit and talk, knit and drink coffee, knit and think....knit knit knittyknittybangbang.

CarolineCreates did this adoreable invitation and she will do yours too....just located her on etsy.  The way to find any of us is to

plug in the and you will find us.

Watch for all of our Group at Funky Finds SPRING FLING in March!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ETSY Team Fort Worth is Getting Ready for Spring Fling

Team Fort Worth is fast and furiously working to be ready for Funky Finds Spring Fling.
Most of the members work other jobs in the daytime.........and do what they love in creating at night.  The evidence is clear..........there is a lot of talent in this group.  As with any group, only a small percentage is active all the time, but all love ART and Creating.

Getting a treatsury is not easy!  I have tried, but never have been successful, but some of these
members have a knack for knapping a treasury just they come available at

You can see the team effort above.  And....please see more of their talents at each of their websites.
Take a look at this treasury that was made of all Team Fort Worth artisan....

On my Wantzit2 Site....New things!

I made several clutch purses and gave them as Christmas gifts....thus, I got rave reviews and decided to work with fabrics and do some Retro feeling handbags for Spring and use them on

I must say that just a short time into the project, I am enjoying the experiment.  Let me know what you think.

The fabrics are my inspiration and I totally go out of control when I get to a fabric store and see colors, textures, etc. that I like.

This little Messenger Bag has a pretty creamy yellow lining and a pocket inside to hold your

Going Retro or Vintage seems to be my constant inspiration.  See what you think about Grandma's quilt that I have upcycled.  I will be adding other styles from this quilt.............don't want to waste it!

This is a quilt more than 100 years old!  It was all yellowed and looked beyond help........OxiClean to the rescue.  It is white and it's delicate colors are just devine.  I have added extra padding to be sure than my bags hold their shape.

You can see the collection of one of a kind clutches and others at

More later.............

Friday, January 8, 2010

DiAnne Arnette, Wantzit Jewelry Designs: A Proud Member of Etsy Team Fort Worth....Resolutions...Yikes!

DiAnne Arnette, Wantzit Jewelry Designs: A Proud Member of Etsy Team Fort Worth....Resolutions...Yikes!

A Proud Member of Etsy Team Fort Worth....Resolutions...Yikes!

The first 2 weeks of 2010 are almost over........resolutions are many, however we all know that the ones that we act on early are the ones that may survive.  Since I am a REALTOR in my regular career, I have those resolutions and in my other life I am an artist and creator, I have two sets of resolutions! (My real estate blog is . Statistics say that shorter lists are better lists with more likely hood that some or most of the resolutions will be kept. So here ya go!

Here is THE LIST: (all caps to say I really intend to do it!)

1. Post more photos of me and mine on my blog...
Ok....that is done. And I will continue...because that is not all of my beautiful grandchildren.

I am a lucky grandmother and have lots of fun with my "kids".
I take advantage of time with each of them now while they are young, because they grown up all too fast!
Charles....always with a fun thing in his mind!
I have 2 more identical twins.....Caroline....delighted with a present.

Alex, with her beautiful big smile.

2. Keep my workspace (creative den) neater and better organized!
Gotta get that hast!  Someone must sneak in there and mess it up, because seems I clean it constantly.
3. Be more proactive in getting my creations noticed and maybe get a space in a store to sell things.
Why am I shy and hesitant to do this............confidence, confidence.........just do it!
                   Sub-goal: call or talk to one shopowner a week and find out how they work.

Nothing to be shy about.....this stuff is good!:)

Lots of new looks are coming for Spring...........which brings me to the next resolution!

4. ORGANIZE PROJECTS....Plan, gather materials for each and place in a location with all parts together...........then CREATE in an orderly way.

5.  Use a calendar and post the projects for the day they get done....DON'T DO TOO MUCH so that creating continues to be fun...........creativity cannot be forced, and should not be forced.
There are more resolutions that I could adopt, but probably would not be able to keep. There are more that I might decide along the road to add and I will update them if I need to.  The point is that resolutions are only as good as what is possible to do..........I think I can do most of these!  I will need to see if I can create the new habits to accomplish them. is to 2010!  Cheers!

My old Art Prof and the University of Oklahoma always "preached"
"Art is a Process, NOT a Product!".....We all need to remember this so that we keep that
fresh creativity that makes us and our "stuff" unique.

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and First Year of Selling My Designs

It took a lot of confidence building before I actually put my designs out for people to see and purchase.
I knew they were pretty, but would anyone else think so too?  I found out!!! Yes they do! And, I had a great successful beginning to my 2009 showing and selling.

First the earrings were simple and then I started doing new and different things!  

Next  I began playing with gemstone chunks and ribbons to design wearable fashion pieces that would work with the Fall 09 clothing designs...many new ideas sprung forth

These pretty faceted gemstones were just natural and lovely and people really enjoyed wearing them with sweaters and business attire........or jeans!  I almost always sold the one I wanted to wear that day.........when a person would ask about it.

Then I began showing my headbands and fascinators at the various Holiday Art and Craft Bazaars around Tarrant County...These proved to be more popular than I would have dreamed!

The more simple ones were loved by just everyone....due to the Hollywood set wearing them in People Magazine etc. and the more ornate ones with the handmade roses that I designed are now in demand for parties and events.  Each with a Vintage accent piece, they are in demand and have had a lot of fun working with my admirers to give them the glamour that they want.

As Christmas and the Holiday approached, I participated in a few small shows in downtown Fort Worth and discovered that I have new professional clients.  I discovered that pieces like these (just above and right) were loved by professionals who wanted to spruce up a jacket with a little style.

And then the last show that I did in Sundance Square, the show organizer told me that she thought an emphasis on silver might be a good idea. So as a result, I created my Vintage Silver group and they have been great.

As 2009 has come to an end, my wish for all of us is a better world, better US economic conditions, appreciation of each other and just more Love for all.  I hope that you will enjoy my blog and update of my creativity going forward into 2010.  I will be doing more things in my sparetime from my real job of real estate.

You can always contact me at wantzit@hotmail .com or at (my real estate email).

Fort Worth is a great place to live..............if you need information about Fort Worth...just let me know!