Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finding Inspirations Where You Are

Drive through the Botanic Gardens, or open a may see something that is pure inspiration.
From a crafters mindset, it is always what could I do that would be in that feel, but with my orinality?
Recently, I have been fascinated with fibers and what I can do without actually sewing too much. So I have delved into the world of knit tops and tees.  With a twist.
Here is one from Valentino and it is very sophisticated....sewn by a real professional in a factory in Italy.............and Here is one from Wantzit2 (which is me)....By the way the Valentino is $195.00 on the Neimans website.  Checkout for the price of mine.
What I am enjoying is that with my creativity, I can enjoy a "look" at a price and offer it to my handmade addict mavens like me.  It makes being "in style" fun and affordable........and you know, we will be on to the next idea next week.  
By the way, speaking of other ideas....I can't say this idea was orginal to me or the many who also do this kind of experimentation....but look how cute this is!  I have this on my jewelry website and it is VERY AFFORDABLE.  I have done a lot of silky statement necklaces but usually more formal........this one is just Gigglie Fun!

I hope you will drop by my stores and also follow my Fort Worth art and real estate blogs..........I get around!  You never know what I will be talking about next....Just Yelp me!

Monday, March 15, 2010


What a great day we had in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Complex on Saturday.  The Funky Finds Spring Fling show was hosted by and Etsy Fort Worth and it was a big hit. I am not sure how many people came through the show, but it was a lot.  There were groups of people constantly up and down the isles of booths and impossible to see from one end to the other for the people milling around and shopping at the, artisan's displays.

I was a participant and had a great day of meeting people, showing my hobby/business (I am really a REALTOR, disguised as an artist.) and selling my work.  Since I am a people person, meeting the people is the number one priority for me.  I just love to visit and hear what they are doing, what they like and just intereact.  I always learn so much and make several new friends.

You may want to know what I sold........Well...a little of this and a little of that........

This black with pink flowers tee was a big hit.  And after I sold all of it, I took orders for black and also for white.  I like either pink or white blossoms on the black one. And on the white, I like pink or black blossoms.

I also sold 4 pieces of jewelry to a Gallery that will be representing my jewelry designs.  This is one of the pieces the Gallery selected.  The others were pretty too.  The Olive Tree Gallery in Keller will be showing this and other pieces in their new gallery which will open soon in Old Town Keller.

Of course.......I sold earrings which you can see at and soon on Funky when I can get my shop opened.

My other good sellers were necklaces to layer one on the other and to mix to make the look you like.  Since the trend is "mix it all up" and "the more the merrier"..........I have beautiful beadery that alone is conservative, but when you add something to it, it pops and is bold and fabulous.

That is enough about me...........the other shops at Spring Fling that I though were great were Bob Collett's woodturnnings..........He shows at Stanley Korshack and is a wonderful artisan.  His website is  and the vessel here is only a taste of what he does.  Check it out and also look at Korshack's store online in the gift department.  He will have more on both places soon.

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and shoppers who stopped by to see me on Saturday.  I will be emailing each of you a thank you and for those who placed special orders, I will contact you this week to work out the details of your order.

I will be doing other shows all Spring.......always new creations on my websites.......... headbands, tees, clutches, and whatever other accessory that I want to add

and of REAL business  is where I am working daily!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Funky Finds Spring Fling is in just 5 more Days! Ready Set...Setup!

What a great job Jessica and her staff at Funky Finds has done with organization and communication for the Funky Finds participants.  The great advertising and cute cards for mailing have been great!  Now if the weather holds, we should have a grand old time!

A preview of some of the artisans that you will see are SKETCH CUSTOM CLOTHING tees and just cute things with cute sayings....Very "now"!

Then there is Bob Collett, who is a Master Wood Turner....I did not know what that was until I saw what Bob does....He will be showing at Funky in at the last minute and will be a quality addition to the show.  His things are always available at Stanley Korshak, Dallas, in their Gift Salon. 

The Team Fort Worth Etsy group will be sponsors of the event.  I am a member, however, my real estate career has limited the time I have to I just create and try to promote what they do.

One of my headbands from, my online shop for accessories... and also I have done some handbags and totes that I like a lot...Tote made from an Antique Quilt...with a sheet ribbon rose on the front..........and then my jewelry which is at (my new shop ) and (my old shop which will be
 moving to the new one soon.....Beautiful Amethyst with Peridot earrings...

Please come see all of us at the