Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On my Wantzit2 Site....New things!

I made several clutch purses and gave them as Christmas gifts....thus, I got rave reviews and decided to work with fabrics and do some Retro feeling handbags for Spring and use them on

I must say that just a short time into the project, I am enjoying the experiment.  Let me know what you think.

The fabrics are my inspiration and I totally go out of control when I get to a fabric store and see colors, textures, etc. that I like.

This little Messenger Bag has a pretty creamy yellow lining and a pocket inside to hold your

Going Retro or Vintage seems to be my constant inspiration.  See what you think about Grandma's quilt that I have upcycled.  I will be adding other styles from this quilt.............don't want to waste it!

This is a quilt more than 100 years old!  It was all yellowed and looked beyond help........OxiClean to the rescue.  It is white and it's delicate colors are just devine.  I have added extra padding to be sure than my bags hold their shape.

You can see the collection of one of a kind clutches and others at

More later.............

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