Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wow...Look what I did last night!

If you know me, www.diannearnette.com ,or have seen my work at www.wantzit.etsy.com , then you know that I really like to create, whether it is marketing my real estate listings, my marketing mailings, or making jewelry in my spare time.
I feel watching most TV shows is a big time spender, so I try to "multi-task" while I watch a Dancing with the Stars or 24 episode. Last night, I didn't really have anything in mind, I just started creating....and oh la la, this is what I came out with. I could hardly put it down ....I stayed up much too late, and then this morning early, I posted all the photos to www.wantzit.etsy.com. It is COOL....I had fun doing it too.