Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jewelry Design...Pleasurable Small Time Snippets

About me: I live in Fort Worth, Texas and it is a great place! We have world class museums, a world class rodeo and stockshow, and music performances with well known artist every night!....Besides that, For Worth, has me!
Did I always design jewelry? No....but I have always been an artist! I had a minor in Art in college, but being of practical mind....I got a major and a Master's Degree in different for the most part of my adult life, I have been the frustrated artist....A good painter...winning awards, leaving painting supplies out all the time are smelly, and messy, so I vowed and still do vow to do that another time, again, when I have the proper space.

Artist are always creative...and they usually can do a variety of things....not all of them are artsy! What is artsy, is the way the artist's mind works! Never at a loss for ideas and always able to think outside the box! Now that is a very good thing in any field....

So, in the daytime, I have been a Fort Worth REALTOR for many years. Most recently, in the night time, I am a jewelry designer. Those small snippets of time are so great! They clear my mind of the day's details or stresses, and I can see the progress and reap the reward each time I finish a design. My jewelry store is at and I love working with it and seeing how many people have looked at my designs each day. Most recently, I have had requests for small wholesale orders and that is just great!

In case you are wondering what I do....take a look! First I love working with vintage looks and repurposing objects into current, yet memory pieces.

I also like to work with light and clear colors to create neutral, but eye catching pieces...take a look at these:
Please remember that if you like what you see here....there is much more at or you can email me at Now back to my design snippets!