Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summertime Creating and Giving New Life to Things of the Past

This Summer I have focused my creative tendencies toward my collections of vintage pieces.  From brooches to earrings, I have held them in my hands and stroked them into ideas for new repurposed designs that are worthy of today and any day.

The fun to combine items and embellish them to be interesting and sometimes a bit funky has been a ball.  Some have sold and others are available at, where my collection lives until someone purchases it either online or from me directly.

The piece to the left is a drop dead, jaw-dropper!  It is going to make itself important.............and you importantly accessorized...
It is great on a tee....or on a gown.  Anyway you like it, it likes you.

As you can see, it has multi-layers of stones and chains and many outstanding elements........just fun and it was so much fun to construct.

The next piece is a bit more subdued....It is more demure and is pearls and enameled pieces to make a more symetrical design. You will see that I like it alone or layered with pieces that you probably have in your jewelry collection.  Very pretty, and feminine...

The blue colors are clean and classic.  The white makes it a natural to use with business suits to little black dresses.......
Wear it alone or in layers as you see to the right in the next photo.
The other two designs are examples of pretty vintage items that were just too pretty to discard.  They are no longer worn as they were orginally....but now they are enjoying new life.  Take a look on my etsy site and see what you think.  They love company!
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