Sunday, January 31, 2010

That Thing is Legendary!

The week in Fort Worth is the end of the world famous Stockshow and Rodeo.  Just the name, Will Rogers Colliseum, conjures us images of cowboys, cows, horses, and of course little buckaroos. My creative mind, always at work decided to show you a few of my favorite cowboy items from around the country that Etsy artisans offer.  Although here in Fort Worth, Where the West Begins", we think we are the only true cowboys, certainly, the other parts of  cowboy US of A, deserve a look too.

This little cowgirl bow would be a cute look to get a future Dale Evans dressed in her cowgirl finery.

ZombettyBows  on shows a lot of these cuties.
And who could resist this little cowgirl dress...............from abbysatticsatx on etsy.

From my own Etsy Shop I have several Contemporary pieces that I would wear to a Rodeo with my boot, jeans, and other Cowboy accessories...........I have always like putting the unexpected and turquois are some of my favs..My things are at  and I love visitors who "heart me".....Now back to my other Cowboy finds.

When I saw this art.......I just loved it because I did a charcoal drawing of some boots one I love this idea... This is done by JKDooleyArt,
again from and this artist is from Mesa, Arizona.  Take a look at the page to see more wonderful artwork.

Gowing up in Texas, I had many of these handtooled belts before they were the rage... I love them just as much now and I did when I was a kid.  What boyscout or girl scout has not gotten a leather tooling set at some point and tried their hand....Well this artist is is where you can see the work..........and this is, by the way from New York...
Do They have Cowboys there?.............Doesn't matter, this is great!

To finish up today's sputterings....I must say that there are all kinds of cowboys in all states....and sometimes they are just fans............take a lookRockabillyPunkBaby  on Etsy offers this look and lots of others too.

Well, maybe next year for our Dallas Cowboys.
Until then, Shop Handmade!

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