Friday, January 8, 2010

A Proud Member of Etsy Team Fort Worth....Resolutions...Yikes!

The first 2 weeks of 2010 are almost over........resolutions are many, however we all know that the ones that we act on early are the ones that may survive.  Since I am a REALTOR in my regular career, I have those resolutions and in my other life I am an artist and creator, I have two sets of resolutions! (My real estate blog is . Statistics say that shorter lists are better lists with more likely hood that some or most of the resolutions will be kept. So here ya go!

Here is THE LIST: (all caps to say I really intend to do it!)

1. Post more photos of me and mine on my blog...
Ok....that is done. And I will continue...because that is not all of my beautiful grandchildren.

I am a lucky grandmother and have lots of fun with my "kids".
I take advantage of time with each of them now while they are young, because they grown up all too fast!
Charles....always with a fun thing in his mind!
I have 2 more identical twins.....Caroline....delighted with a present.

Alex, with her beautiful big smile.

2. Keep my workspace (creative den) neater and better organized!
Gotta get that hast!  Someone must sneak in there and mess it up, because seems I clean it constantly.
3. Be more proactive in getting my creations noticed and maybe get a space in a store to sell things.
Why am I shy and hesitant to do this............confidence, confidence.........just do it!
                   Sub-goal: call or talk to one shopowner a week and find out how they work.

Nothing to be shy about.....this stuff is good!:)

Lots of new looks are coming for Spring...........which brings me to the next resolution!

4. ORGANIZE PROJECTS....Plan, gather materials for each and place in a location with all parts together...........then CREATE in an orderly way.

5.  Use a calendar and post the projects for the day they get done....DON'T DO TOO MUCH so that creating continues to be fun...........creativity cannot be forced, and should not be forced.
There are more resolutions that I could adopt, but probably would not be able to keep. There are more that I might decide along the road to add and I will update them if I need to.  The point is that resolutions are only as good as what is possible to do..........I think I can do most of these!  I will need to see if I can create the new habits to accomplish them. is to 2010!  Cheers!

My old Art Prof and the University of Oklahoma always "preached"
"Art is a Process, NOT a Product!".....We all need to remember this so that we keep that
fresh creativity that makes us and our "stuff" unique.

Happy New Year!

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  1. What beautiful family you have! I can see the pride beaming off your face! Happy 2010!


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