Monday, November 16, 2009

First Holiday Bazaar was a Success...and I learned some Lessons!

Wow....I never dreamed that doing a bazaar/craft show could be so tiring! I found out what a novice I am with setting up, taking down, and all the while showing my "stuff" and visiting with browsers and fellow vendors.  There is a lot to learn and I realize it must be done in stages.

My art was a success.  People seemed to love my headbands and fascinators and my jewelry.  I learned that not all people will like what I do, but I was able to "spot" my "people" often by watching what they did in adjoining booths.  Mine is not the ordinary...........and I don't want it to be.  LOTS of people took my cards, both the jewelry cards and my real estate cards.  I hope I made multi-level friends.

This was the first day.........about mid afternoon when I was beginning to fade!

Here is a look at my first display....complete with it's banner.

Sales were modest, but I made a profit the first day and that is when most of the sales happened for me.
The second day, it got off very slow....but there was also the re-set up to do and I rearranged the booth a little.

I am still working on the display which is difficult.
I was hard to make a gymnasium look good...and to be surrounded with all kinds of things from junk to food to clothing.
Fortunately, the shoppers don't seem to mind all of that.

The end result was that I made a little money and learned a whole lot of lessions....I will be better prepared for the next show that I do.

Please see a sampling of what I do at and also

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