Friday, May 21, 2010

Weird is the Topic of TODAY...TOAY'S creatively WEIRD!

Today just felt "weird" to me, so I decided to support my feelings with some really cute and creative weirdness from my fellow artisans on Etsy, the famous handmade website that helps us all "get discovered". The idea of weirdness is, well, weird but also weirdly creative....In fact, we artists are used to being referred to as delightfully weird, or original...we like that!  The shop for the eyeballs is
Isn't this just adorable!  How sweetly weird...almost anyone would love to cuddle this little guy.

CosmicFirefly.etsy is where you will find this very Cosmic Steampunk are sure to be the only one at your party with this cutie...and how have her head stuck in a camera...This could be one for the Pavarotsi girls.  Of course, being weird can be wonderful! And speaking of wonderfully weird...see what is next. I seem to be attracted to eyes and heads today in this blog on weird so take a look at what has created and how it is just too cute and wierd for words.The other thought that I have as I blog and share today is how great the photography is for all of these items.........The photos make us really notice how wonderfully weird these all are.
and without further babbling about wierd, enjoy some of these other creations from Etsy and friends. has beautiful and unusually created items....take a look there. you can see as I stop today's findings and expressions...I am beginning to find more on the beauty side of weird.

Note:  I is not that I actually think any of these are "wierd" is just that "wierd" was one of the tags used in each of these I guess that "wierd" like "beauty" is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

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