Sunday, May 23, 2010

Subject is Summer and what kinds of Fun Crafts are Lirking!

Lirking crafts you say......yes! Lirking...The kids will be going to camp and doing all kinds of crafts that are going to be great fun.........Remember in Girl Scots when you made an OIL CLOTH PILLOW to sit on so you wouldn't get dirty around the campfire.
Mine did not look that this one at Cherry Hill Cottage, but I thought it was great...Our troop made them from Kelly Green solid oil cloth and we stiched around them with yellow yarn...I'll never forget that Summer when my Mom was our troop leader.  That was a lot of fun.

Other Crafts lirking will be those from the camps all around the country...your child may come home with something like this...although maybe more crudely made. It is at this link from Katesy's shop  Very cute...don't you think. 
And if you are going to the beach..........think of all of the shells that you and the kids may want to pick up for making shell, beachy stuff later.  My kids and I made all kinds of neat things after visits to Padre Island and other beaches......We made shell frames...just glued the shells on...after soaking them in bleach to get the stinky smell out and all kinds of jewelry.........I came across these site on Etsy for shells and other neat things that may give you some great crafting ideas. has these and other wonderful treasures for you to purchase if a trip to the beach is too distant on your Summer Calendar.And don't forget about all the wonderful things you can do with Rocks. You can pick up rocks don't even need a Vacation!  I have loved rock projects with my kids....Paper Weights, Door Stops, Scuptures, Mosaics and lots of other things that you can let your imagination fly with....and...I found these wonderfully colored and shaped crayons for kids that you may has them and lots of other great things  too. 

The only problem that I see with these crayons...they look good enough to eat!

Enjoy.....until nex time...take a look at my own art on my etsy sites:
I am a CREATOR...when not working on real estate!

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