Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finding Inspirations Where You Are

Drive through the Botanic Gardens, or open a may see something that is pure inspiration.
From a crafters mindset, it is always what could I do that would be in that feel, but with my orinality?
Recently, I have been fascinated with fibers and what I can do without actually sewing too much. So I have delved into the world of knit tops and tees.  With a twist.
Here is one from Valentino and it is very sophisticated....sewn by a real professional in a factory in Italy.............and Here is one from Wantzit2 (which is me)....By the way the Valentino is $195.00 on the Neimans website.  Checkout for the price of mine.
What I am enjoying is that with my creativity, I can enjoy a "look" at a price and offer it to my handmade addict mavens like me.  It makes being "in style" fun and affordable........and you know, we will be on to the next idea next week.  
By the way, speaking of other ideas....I can't say this idea was orginal to me or the many who also do this kind of experimentation....but look how cute this is!  I have this on my jewelry website and it is VERY AFFORDABLE.  I have done a lot of silky statement necklaces but usually more formal........this one is just Gigglie Fun!

I hope you will drop by my stores and also follow my Fort Worth art and real estate blogs..........I get around!  You never know what I will be talking about next....Just Yelp me!

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